Kitchen Set Aluminum Wood Motif

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27 Dec 2023
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Our Wood Motif Aluminum Kitchen Set offers versatile storage and kitchen design solutions with a touch of the beauty of natural wood. With high quality materials and design innovation, every element of this kitchen set is made to meet high functional and aesthetic needs.

Product excellence

  • Aluminum Frame and Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP)

This Kitchen Set uses a lightweight and durable aluminum frame, accompanied by walls using Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) to provide resistance to external elements and humidity.

  • Custom Design and Unique Model

We understand that every kitchen has unique needs and styles. Therefore, the model and size of the kitchen set can be customized according to customer preferences, giving a personal touch to your kitchen space.

  • Practical Design Innovation

Kitchen set doors use spoon hinges for an elegant appearance and easy function. The drawer is equipped with a pressing system, so it opens automatically, and the upward opening uses hydraulics, providing comfort like a car trunk.

  • Installation Included in Price

We not only provide quality kitchen sets, but also include installation as part of our service. This ensures that each element is installed with precision and to standards.

  • Cleanliness and security

Aluminum material is not only waterproof, but also prevents mice and cockroaches from entering the kitchen set, providing additional hygiene and safety.

  • Rust Resistant and Not Rotten

The aluminum frame is rust-resistant, so the kitchen set still looks new regardless of environmental conditions. There is no risk of damage due to weathering, providing long-term durability.

  • Wide Color Choice

The Wood Motif Aluminum Kitchen Set comes in several elegant color choices, including Pure White, Fawn Brown, and Copy Brown. This provides the flexibility to adapt the kitchen set to your kitchen design theme and style.

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