Garage Aluminium door
Garage Aluminium door
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Aluminum Doors, garage Doors of aluminum there are two types of garage doors that are folding and which are pushed, which push is straight and there is a bend, all available at our place, the size follows the wishes of the buyer, the door material there are 3 kinds of sizes, namely 6cm frame + 3 cm profile with a width of 4 cm, Frane 10cm + profile 3cm with a width of 4 cm and Frame 12cm + 3cm with a width of 4cm all with a thickness of 1.5 to 2mm. Finishing powder coating with various color choices. The material used is high quality aluminum with international standard aluminum alloy T 6053 formula. All of our products are guaranteed. We sell Garage Doors at prices according to the best quality. Our goods are produced by ourselves, not taken from others, we are not intermediaries

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